Records & Ranking

County Records

Surrey Archery maintains County Records across as many Rounds, disciplines and bow styles as is practical. New record categories may be added for if participation by Surrey archers warrants it.

Where a scoring system for a round changes, or county records for a round are discontinued the old records are kept but will be published in green in the listings.

The County Records can be viewed/downloaded:

See details below for eligibility and how to Claim a County Record.

County Rankings

Surrey Archery maintains an annual outdoor Ranking List of Surrey archers. Ranking is based on scores achieved in 144 arrow (12 dozen) Rounds:

  • Archery GB Imperial – York, Hereford and Bristol Rounds
  • Archery GB Metric – Metric I – V Rounds
  • World Archery (WA) – Mens, Womens and Cadet WA1440 Rounds

Metric scores are converted to imperial scores using the nearest handicap points. Only the Longest Distance Rounds recognised for Age Group and Gender (as set out in Archery GB Rules of Shooting Rule 308 (b)) are eligible. Final Ranking uses an archer’s highest 3 eligible scores during the season and must include at least one round shot at an external competition.

Only Archers with outdoor scores that are high-end First-Class Classification (i.e. around 30 points below the relevant Bowman classification or higher) for their age group and gender will be eligible to be included in the County Rankings.

See details below for eligibility and how to be included on the County Rankings.

Team Selection

Surrey Archery selects teams to represent the County in matches and tournaments. The Selection Committee seeks to select those Surrey archers who are in the best current form and are available to compete, through a fair, open and transparent process, based on current Ranking and Performance.

Only Archers with outdoor scores that are high end First Class Classification (i.e. around 30 points below the relevant Bowman classification or higher) for their age group and gender will be eligible to be selected. For indoor the eligibility for selection are Archers with scores which are ‘C’ classification or above.

A minimum number of scores achieved at external (non Club) tournaments and competitions will be required.

Details of upcoming County Matches and Tournaments, together with relevant dates and any additional eligibility requirements will be published in the News section on this website.

Additional guidelines on Team Selection are available:

Eligible Rounds for Records & Rankings

Rounds eligible for County Records or Rankings must be shot in accordance with the Archery GB (AGB) Rules of Shooting and at:

  • Out of Club (external) Tournaments / Competitions or
  • Inter Club Competitions or
  • Club Competition days – i.e. (all apply):
    • A Club Championship day or Handicap shoot being shot at a date and time published in advance and open to all Club members;
    • Formal Results published by the Club listing all competitors and verified by the Club Records Officer;
    • Scoring compliant with AGB Rules of Shooting:
      • No Scoring Apps;
      • All arrow scores recorded independently of the archer;
      • Score sheets signed by scorer and archer with a clear legible signature.
  • Normal Club Target Days and practice sessions are not eligible.

Submitting Scores for Ranking and Record Claims

All scores for Ranking purposes and Claims for County Records must be submitted via Club Record Officers (RO) to the County Records Officer.

Scores should be submitted throughout the season and not at the end of the season. A Final Ranking requires at least 3 eligible scores to be submitted. Interim rankings will be published throughout the season.

Archers must advise their Club RO if they wish eligible scores to be submitted to Surrey Archery. It is the archer’s responsibility to ensure that their Club RO submits their scores within three months of being shot.

Participation in the Surrey Rankings is optional. However, archers cannot be selected to shoot in a County Team if they do not participate in the Ranking system unless they are a member of the Archery GB Talent Programmes or Representative Teams.

In addition to their scores archers need to provide their email address and date of birth (if a junior) to their Club RO to be forwarded with their scores.

Further Information

The County Records & Ranking System Rules, which include further guidance and examples are available for download: