Fees & County Policies

On this page are details of the Surrey Archery Membership fees together with the Association’s Constitution, relevant policies, rules and important information.

Membership Fees

Fees for Surrey Archery and Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) for 2022/23.

Membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September annually.

Membership CategorySurrey Archery FeeSCAS Fee
Club Member – Senior (over 25)£5.50£2.00
Club Member – Senior (18-24)£1.00£1.00
Club Member – Junior (under 18)£1.00£1.00
Club Member – Archer with disabilities£1.00£1.00**
Direct Member – All Categories£8.00£4.00
Direct Member – Archer with disabilities£2.00£1.00
Life Member – See below*£40.00N/A
University Club£12.50£11.00

*Life Membership is available for Archers over 50 who are Direct Members of Archery GB and have completed 5 years of continuous membership of Surrey Archery. **Voluntary payment

Pro Rata Fees

For those new to archery joining after 1st April until 30th September are eligible for reduced pro rata fees. In 2022 Archery GB has announced changes to Pro Rata fees for new members; the rates below relate to the 2020 pro rata system and will be subject to review:

Membership CategorySurrey Archery FeeSCAS Fee
Club Member – Senior (over 25)£2.75£1.00
Club Member – Senior (18-24)£0.50£0.50
Club Member – Junior (under 18)£0.50£0.50
Club Member – Archer with disabilities£0.50£0.50**

** Voluntary payment. Pro-Rata Fees do not apply to Direct Members or University Clubs.

County Constitution and Policies

Surrey Archery is an unincorporated not for profit organisation which is governed by a Constitution approved by members.

The Constitution together with related policy, rules and information documents are available for reference. They can be viewed and downloaded via the following links: